the beauty in me

Who’s the Cute Gracey?

me and my bun2
Me and My Bun2

I’m from the south, im a mindanaon and I’m proud of it. I had a detour that’s why I ended my high school years somwer in visayas, in a city called the “city of love” Iloilo City. My friends say that I’m an outgoing, funny and vocal person. I wonder if they really do have dig into my real self that includes “me” as a very serious person. I do have the passion for performing arts which includes dancing, singing, and acting and sometimes stand-up comedy-ing(parallelism).

Above all this, I wanted to use these talents in serving the “being” that gave me all of these. I may say I’m lucky, for though I may not be better than others, atleast, I am unique. Many people don’t like me, but to hell I care. I’m here in this world not to please any body, but to fulfill such a mission. I’m still not certain of what it really is, but I’m starting to get myself ready. MAny people like me still doesnt know what really our personal legend is. But then, I’m so happy I have met certain person along the way that partly had introduced me to the world I never realized that I was already dreaming of…

Weird..yaah, indeed I am. I always make things complicated.That’s according to my exboyfriend.And I agree, I don’t really look at life just the way it is. I never made it simple, to my family, friends, and even for myself. I have made it into a world full of fantasies and dreams and vision very far out from the norms. Hmm..I always dreamed of being a writer, but I was never a good one. I just hope someday I may have a better me. Still, there are goals I haven’t achieved yet. But that’s the purpose of me being here. Travelling and still in my heart’s journey….

Finding your own spirit and soul, every day once again, conquering it and developing its possibilities – that, above all, is happiness for me. It doesn’t mean being self-centered, on the contrary, it means, that one has to conquer the outer world for oneself.What infinite, boundless riches open to us,when we first have understood that!


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