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gracey’s 9: In the Mood for What??

In the mood for what?

for LOve?

LOve? what’s that?

How can you really define love as something positive when it is something that makes people do “wrong” things? Oh well, how can you even say that what he/she does is wrong or right? Who makes the list of the things we should and should not do for love? Or who knows if we really are loving or not?

well, just so many questions, but not related to this entry. Aha! (Bluffing my way out?) No, just making a kind of “pasakalye” to a discussion on a certain love that people share..

The movie “in the mood for love” made us “peep” on a certain story of love that developed through two persons who were betrayed by their loved ones. Ironic? No, too common. This situation happens to many people, what is unique is that the two people involved happens to love the legal partner of their partner’s new partners.(what/?) well, you try to understand that?


It’s simple. Since both of them are hurt by their partners’ adultery, they seem to understand each other. Then comes the struggle in hiding what they really feel for each other. Here we spectators, then try to discover what will happen next to this unfateful story.

We then look at the characters, try to catch their activities up. The camera acts for us. We caress the woman’s body without getting noticed. We try to hide through walls just to see them, and not miss anything.


Aha! Here come’s the reality. HOw the camera works depends on the need to do it. In the movie, the camera does close up shots to focus on certain emotions. At times it does a very tremendous focus on the woman’s body focusing on sensitive and sensual parts. (the cameraman for sure is a “man” huh?!) Sometimes the camera even moves from afar or from the weirdest angle it could start. We are then trained by the camera to become a great “peeping tom”.

We the spectators are given a view which is very framed. Well, we cannot see everything mainly because we are just “peeping”, gets? So as we tried to discover the development in their love story, there are things that we are not able to see- and we are left to find out. We did, in the long run. How the world seems to be so small and that everything seems to be so “coincidence”.

Here’s another scoop. The music added to the sensuality of the movie. Moreover it made us feel that sooner or later, the couple will be caught – by the truth that they cannot be together because of the reality that is in front of them.

So what’s that love that people wants to share? It’s simple, A love for hiding something through themselves, while at the same time, loving the though that people might discover what is inside them. (Deep…) 🙂


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