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gracey’s 8: Behind Fame are shadows


The movie Citizen Kane was made way back 1940’s.. You can observe it right away.With the black and white film, and the classic hair style and gowns, you will realize that you are watching a film that is decades older than you.. Let’s go back in time and discover how should we see and interpret the Film citizen Kane.

Lighting etc.

As we watch the film we can easily see that the kind of lighting wants to establish that the events happened many years ago. The black and white screen were not just merely effects, but the reflection of the technology way back before.

In the early years where the life of Charles was still bountiful and very young, the lighting that was employed was very bright. We see that towards the end, the lighting eventually turned into almost darkness, reflecting on the dark and unfortunate events that happened in the later years of Charles.

The camera and shots

The camera used as our own vision of the film was very subjective in a sense that sometimes, it focuses on certain elements that the director really wants the viewers to see. There were times also were there were deep focus shots on the characters in the film, that established there kind of personality, and the emotion they had in the film.

The PLace and Set

One aspsect of the film that I was interested most was the Xanadu- the seemingly isolated place where Charles and Susan stayed for their remaning years. We observed that at the establishing shot that the movie had at the first part, we see that the place seems to be so dark and full of loneliness. It’s interior which was shown in the later part of the story refelcted how big the place for the two of them, and the feeling of melancholy was all over the place.


The cast of characters were greatly chosen as they represent each character well. Through the early times, the Charles character was represented with bright features and light facial expressions. The characters in the film ages through time.


The film is non-linear in presenting the events. The movie used flashback and uses different kinds of effects for transition like dissolves (which they used frequently) and cuts at times.


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