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gracey’s 11: photography, an art?


I really find the answer to that question very obvious. ahuh?!

It’s definitely YES!!!

But to prove it…No, no, no, it’s a hard task..

For me, photography is not a simple activity.

It requires skills – artistic skills..

We do not simply take photographs.. WE MAKE THEM!

We make them through a frame we use – a part of the world we want to see. We choose to see what we want to..The frame enables us to do it.

We choose what we want to document.. We include good memories and experiences.. and even the bad and darkest ones we keep. All of them are framed in a photograph. so Obvious not to see..

Photography is an art – because photographs like music provokes emotions, like dance it makes us move, like drama it makes us cry, and like literature we make to express..

Photography is an art – it brings colorful memories to life..


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gracey’s 10: Babel



The tower..different languages..chaos…the word is LISTEN!

It’s good that movies like “BAbel” are made to make people understand a certain important value, more than entertaining its audience. One important element that made the movie interesting all throughout are the 4 stories that may appear to be visually ( because of the lighting and cinematography) different, but in the later were intertwined.

If you are just going to watch the film and observe what will happen next without taking in consideration that these events did not happen all in the same time, you will definitely not understand the film.MOreover,the film happened in different places, with different languages and even different beliefs. But though we cannot enter into their world, we can travel with them through the action space of the film as we feel and see that there is movement from one place to another. Through the series of events that may not be related, but are connected through the central idea, we can easily follow the story.

BUt what is good about the film is, all the details included in the movie were cleared throughout the end. There were some confusions at first, unto what happened first, and last, but the style that was employed did not gave a hard time to the viewers to understand eventually.

The scenes may not be full of action, but the motion of the film was fast since the characters in the movie, taking consideration – Brad’s Character in Morocco, and Gael’s character in the chasing scene, was involved in a kind of situation were there was that kind of tension that made the audience’s vision move fast and kept them attentive to what’s going to happen next.

The places that were featured in the film were definitely away from each other, and because of this, we can see the different lifestyles, belief and ways that happen across cultures.. It even added to the that kind of feeling that was established by the shots taken in the film, on the idea that it is really very hard to understand each other because of different languages.


The Character, Audience and the Actor

Brad Pitt


The loving husband, who doens’t know what to do after waking up seeing her wife shot by a bullet from nowhere to be found.. The character that swallowed the once admired and adored lovable face of Brad and turned him into an aged father and husband. He was full of tense althroughout the movie. NO one wants to help him. He was full of tension, and it can be seen. We may no be in his presence, but he was able to let us feel the grief and worry he feels..

Cate Blanchett


The wife who is the victim of a stray bullet not intentionally prepared for her.. her struggles were the central emotion you would want to watch althroughout. She kept strong though dying, she kept trustful though she was betrayed in a certain place very strange to her. The character that seemingly makes us feel and wonderif hopes do still have true meaning?

Rinko Kikuchi


The deaf mute girl who wants to be noticed, cared and understood. All she wanted was someone who will love her, and make her feel like a real woman. She was full of hatred – to all the people who looks down to her. She was totally deaf – not only physically- but to all the things she should know, she should experience. She was incomplete.

Adriana Barraza


True love she had for the two kids – more pure than anyone. Is it really hard to believe that someone who may be from a different race love two kids from a different nation? The character she made may not be that important, but undeniably, her character is also one of those who made an impact to the hearts of the people.

The two Morrocan Boys

Innocence. Curiosity. Incest. Regret. Failing Hopes.

People – all of them seemed to be different. Everyone of them wants to be understood.

Yet no one listens.

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gracey’s 9: In the Mood for What??

In the mood for what?

for LOve?

LOve? what’s that?

How can you really define love as something positive when it is something that makes people do “wrong” things? Oh well, how can you even say that what he/she does is wrong or right? Who makes the list of the things we should and should not do for love? Or who knows if we really are loving or not?

well, just so many questions, but not related to this entry. Aha! (Bluffing my way out?) No, just making a kind of “pasakalye” to a discussion on a certain love that people share..

The movie “in the mood for love” made us “peep” on a certain story of love that developed through two persons who were betrayed by their loved ones. Ironic? No, too common. This situation happens to many people, what is unique is that the two people involved happens to love the legal partner of their partner’s new partners.(what/?) well, you try to understand that?


It’s simple. Since both of them are hurt by their partners’ adultery, they seem to understand each other. Then comes the struggle in hiding what they really feel for each other. Here we spectators, then try to discover what will happen next to this unfateful story.

We then look at the characters, try to catch their activities up. The camera acts for us. We caress the woman’s body without getting noticed. We try to hide through walls just to see them, and not miss anything.


Aha! Here come’s the reality. HOw the camera works depends on the need to do it. In the movie, the camera does close up shots to focus on certain emotions. At times it does a very tremendous focus on the woman’s body focusing on sensitive and sensual parts. (the cameraman for sure is a “man” huh?!) Sometimes the camera even moves from afar or from the weirdest angle it could start. We are then trained by the camera to become a great “peeping tom”.

We the spectators are given a view which is very framed. Well, we cannot see everything mainly because we are just “peeping”, gets? So as we tried to discover the development in their love story, there are things that we are not able to see- and we are left to find out. We did, in the long run. How the world seems to be so small and that everything seems to be so “coincidence”.

Here’s another scoop. The music added to the sensuality of the movie. Moreover it made us feel that sooner or later, the couple will be caught – by the truth that they cannot be together because of the reality that is in front of them.

So what’s that love that people wants to share? It’s simple, A love for hiding something through themselves, while at the same time, loving the though that people might discover what is inside them. (Deep…) 🙂

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gracey’s 8: Behind Fame are shadows


The movie Citizen Kane was made way back 1940’s.. You can observe it right away.With the black and white film, and the classic hair style and gowns, you will realize that you are watching a film that is decades older than you.. Let’s go back in time and discover how should we see and interpret the Film citizen Kane.

Lighting etc.

As we watch the film we can easily see that the kind of lighting wants to establish that the events happened many years ago. The black and white screen were not just merely effects, but the reflection of the technology way back before.

In the early years where the life of Charles was still bountiful and very young, the lighting that was employed was very bright. We see that towards the end, the lighting eventually turned into almost darkness, reflecting on the dark and unfortunate events that happened in the later years of Charles.

The camera and shots

The camera used as our own vision of the film was very subjective in a sense that sometimes, it focuses on certain elements that the director really wants the viewers to see. There were times also were there were deep focus shots on the characters in the film, that established there kind of personality, and the emotion they had in the film.

The PLace and Set

One aspsect of the film that I was interested most was the Xanadu- the seemingly isolated place where Charles and Susan stayed for their remaning years. We observed that at the establishing shot that the movie had at the first part, we see that the place seems to be so dark and full of loneliness. It’s interior which was shown in the later part of the story refelcted how big the place for the two of them, and the feeling of melancholy was all over the place.


The cast of characters were greatly chosen as they represent each character well. Through the early times, the Charles character was represented with bright features and light facial expressions. The characters in the film ages through time.


The film is non-linear in presenting the events. The movie used flashback and uses different kinds of effects for transition like dissolves (which they used frequently) and cuts at times.

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