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Gracey’s 6: The most wonderful gay!

Rich Kiamco, the performer and writer of the solo-performance “unaccessorized” is one of the most amazing, wonderful, and beautiful performers I’ve seen in my whole life.


His performance is also one of the best I’ve ever seen. Well, it was my first time to see a solo performance with that high level, and I know that it is incomparable to other’s I have already seen.

One aspect that made the performance good in my own view is that it was a biography of a person who is an artist by heart. The story of his life made his performance a success since it was filled with real emotions, experiences, feelings and dreams by himself. HIs struggles to attain a certain level of contentment in life made the story even more interesting. With that I can say his life soooo unique.

How the lines were constructed and delivered gave justice to his story. The performance was comic althroughout, but the sadness and deep aspiration in his inner side can be felt. Rich has the talent to make people know, at the same time, feel what he has inside. The story did not end in a very happy way, but atleast we, the audience realize one important value in life- that the things that can really make us truly happy, are not the things we can touch or see, but the things that we can feel and experience.


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