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Gracey’s 5 : The Masterpiece

Antigong Agong is my subject for this entry, and the work of Aristotle is my framework..hmmm How do i start this? Let’s try..


The play followed a common and usual flow of events where introduction of the characters started the play, it developed a sort of spice when the time a certain conlict was introduced. The major character was required by his love’s father to give dowry before he can marry the girl. The story somehow presented it’s climactic part when the group went to the Bundok Dahu and discovered what really happened in the place 100 years ago. The story ended with the series of events of going back to reality by the characters where all of them had their own realizations and the dowry issue was solved.

The characters, sam and amraida will be my focus on this part. The actors portrayed the characters in a so-so manner. They had provided us with quality portrayal, as Sam’s character is a 20 year old man wanting to marry his childhood friend Amraida who is with a higher social status. The actors tried to project the characters, with their actions and speeches.

I observed that the play really chose their actors very well in a sense that they were just appropriate, and they were somehow true (maybe with the fact that they are muslims just like the characters they are portraying).


The actors in the play antigong agong appeared to be so authentic while dressed in their Muslim Costume. They are made up in such a way that they really look like Muslim people(well, some of them are, and some of them are not). The stage was designed with those gigantic structures made of bamboos..Well, fantastic, but it gave me a hard time to focus on certain parts of the story (at times). The stage was so huge I can’t fit the whole thing to my eyes..But I say, it’s appropriate.


Hmm..the play was made with tragic history, a story reflecting the reality, and lines that made it so comedy..Well, Maybe some are really intended so as to give spice to the play and to avoid making it to a boring and dramatic presentation. I should say that the lines are so realistic, they really have that knowledge about the Tausug Culture, huh?.


Wow, I really love the girl who sang their songs and made a different impact to the musical aspect of the play. The melody and the music projected the mood of each scene in the play and they were succesful in making it. They really made the audience feel the emotion they want to express through their music and sound effects.


How can a play succesfully share the same thought the writers have in mind to the audience thay have? Well, let’s ask Bud Dahu writers for that..It is so amazing that the lines and formation of sentences are greatly done as they bear the thought of the play. Lines are made through considering the audience, so as the audience may react and can relate easily. The Language used was understandable, at times they shift to Tausug Dialect to project their culture and make the play more realistic. The emotions were shared to the audience to feel and appreciate.


I therefore conclude that Antigong Agong is a masterpiece.


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