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Gracey’s 2: Art as Imitation

We learned in class that we are to study art and beauty. We then started ourselves on the question, “what is a good theater?”. Plato said that “art”is three times removed from the truth since art is an “imitation” of something, and because of the meaning of the word, art losses its truth value as it is not absolutely the same as where it is originally taken from. Theater, is but an art, and how we judge theater, whether it is good or bad, is guided by the understanding that theather, is an imitation of life and experiences, of nature and environment, and of everything.


What is then a good theater? Maybe because theater is a process of imitation, the more nicer and better you copy from something and put it on stage, the more beautiful the theater becomes. Or maybe, the more convincing you get, and the more realistic your art becomes, the more it should be appreciated. Theater has been famous in almost all parts of the world, and every one has his or her way to create a good one. Everything we place on stage should be good and beautiful.


BUt as I observe it today, I realize that “imitation” as a fundamental aspect in theater, changes and upgrades through time. From the yesteryears where the nobles are the basis for imitation (that was the time theater was a bit serious), to the years where there was political struggle (satiric plays and spoofs were staged), and up to these days, where even the things we consider “taboo” and “morbid” are made into theater (classic examples:sex, heinous crimes, etc.), theater changes up to now, as it chooses a lot more to imitate.

In this case, I’m a little bit confused, is there any universal rule on what is a good theater, and where should we base it? Since art imitates, and the subject of imitation changes, I guess the judgement on this matter change also through time. The manner, the object, the medium changes also through time. What more can we get also? Of course, an art, an imitaion, and a theater that changes through time, that can be appreciated and condemned at the same time.


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